Wrangle as many UnMonsters as you can
before you get overrun!

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Latest 1.4 Update - 2 new rooms added! [Read More]
Meet The UnMonsters


Fast, shaky and a little... (is that pizza?!) ...distracted.

Because of his small size, he prefers to move in groups. He feels safer that way. Jitters is the fastest non-flying UnMonster.



Feels awkward around everyone. Including himself.

Tizzy will try to avoid anything that has to do with socializing. Don't even ask us how we got him in the group picture. He will usually hang around some dark corner, minding his own business.



If overly helpful and attached had a single name, it would be Fretta.

When she decides to stick around, it's really hard to say no just once. Hint: try twice.



Curious, slimy slug. Multiplies out of boredom.

This slug is going places, just... not very fast. Don't leave him alone for too long though...



Mystery UnMonster.

Our researchers tried their best to replicate his shape. His main abilities seem to be: flying and being extremely annoying.

About the Game


& Conquer Fear

The UnMonsters are loose, but don't let that scare you. You can round them up with a lasso for more points or hold & drag them one by one if you need to rearrange where they are.


& Enhance Gameplay

Feel like you're getting overrun too fast? Pick up some power-ups to help you get rid of the bigger UnMonster waves. You get 4 diffrent ones each time you play.


& Get More
Bonus Points

Each rounds gives you an opportunity to answer a simple health-related question. Do you know how many servings of dairy you should be eating in a single day? A correct answer gives you additional points to stack on top of your High Score.

Game Update History:

12/15/16    v1.4

Our Children's Hospital has a Playroom for our young patients 

…but they can't get in. The handle has green slime all over it. We’re no police detectives, but it seems like the UnMonsters took that room over too. We bet you can help our patients get it back!

We also have a Surgery!

You must scrub very well before you can enter, because this is where our doctors perform surgeries. It looks like the UnMonsters may have contaminated it.

No surgeries until we get all the UnMonsters out!

11/15/16    v1.3

Caught 10 Tizzys in one loop? Got 1000 points? Impossible! Or is it?

Push your skills and earn rare achievement badges. Not doing so great and creating broken lassos all the time? We have your back! There’s a badge for that too. Wear it proudly. Come play! The hospital is still being overrun and we’re adding new rooms soon

9/12/16    v1.2

Survey Time: Do you think you know all the answers? 

Test your children's wellness and safety knowledge and gather bonus points at the end of the round.

Drag the UnMonsters:

There’s a Tizzy in your nice little Jitters herd? No problem! Hold & drag them out of the way!

What’s a Tizzy or a Jitters? 

We get this a lot. Loading screens now identify the UnMonsters, so you can call them by their proper names. No one likes to be called ‘The Purple One’.

8/26/16    v1.0

UnMonsters released!

Now we can't contain them... Help us!

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